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Just after midnight of June 6, 1968, Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in a backroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He had just been celebrating his victory at the California primaries, which made him the most likely Democratic nominee for the presidential election. His popularity was so great that Richard Nixon, on the Republican side, stood little chance. At the age of 43, Robert would have become the youngest American president ever, after being the youngest Attorney General in his brother’s government. His death opened the way for Nixon, who could finally become president eight years after having been defeated by John F. Kennedy in 1960.

1968年6月6日午夜剛過,參議員羅伯特 · 肯尼迪在洛杉磯大使賓館的密室被暗殺,他剛剛慶祝自己在加利福尼亞州初選中的勝利,這使他成為最有可能的民主黨總統候選人,他的聲望如此之高,以至于共和黨方面的理查德 · 尼克松幾乎沒有機會。
在他43歲的時候,羅伯特 · 肯尼迪成為了他哥哥政府中最年輕的司法部長,他也將成為美國歷史上最年輕的總統,他的去世為尼克松開辟了道路,尼克松在1960年被約翰 · F · 肯尼迪擊敗,8年后終于成為美國總統。

John had been assassinated four and a half years before Robert. Had he survived, he would certainly have been president until 1968. Instead, his vice-president Lyndon Johnson took over the White House in 1963, and became so unpopular that he retired in 1968. Interestingly, Johnson became president the very day of John’s death, and ended his term a few months after Robert’s death. He was in power at the time of both investigations.

約翰 · 肯尼迪在羅伯特 · 肯尼迪之前四年半就被暗殺了,如果他幸存下來,他肯定會一直擔任總統直到1968年,他的副總統林登約翰遜于1963年接掌白宮,由于非常不受歡迎,他于1968年退休。
值得注意的是,約翰遜在約翰 · 肯尼迪被暗殺的當天就成為了總統,并在羅伯特 · 肯尼迪被暗殺幾個月后結束了他的任期,兩次調查期間,他都在掌權。

And both investigations are widely regarded as cover-ups. In both cases, the official conclusion is rife with contradictions. We are going to sum them up here. But we will do more: we will show that the key to solving both cases resides in the lix between them. And we will solve them beyond a reasonable doubt.


As Lance deHaven-Smith has remarked in Conspiracy Theory in America:
“It is seldom considered that the Kennedy assassinations might have been serial murders. In fact, in speaking about the murders, Americans rarely use the plural, ‘Kennedy assassinations’. […] Clearly, this quirk in the Kennedy assassination(s) lexicon reflects an unconscious effort by journalists, politicians, and millions of ordinary Americans to avoid thinking about the two assassinations together, despite the fact that the victims are connected in countless ways.”[1]

正如蘭斯德哈文史密斯在《美國的陰謀論》( Conspiracy Theory in America) 一書中所言:
“很少有人認為肯尼迪刺殺案可能是連環謀殺案,事實上,在談到謀殺案時,美國人很少用“ 肯尼迪s暗殺案”這個復數,很明顯,肯尼迪遇刺事件在詞典中的這一奇怪現象反映了記者、政治家和數百萬普通美國人的一種無意識,他們試圖避免將這兩起暗殺事件聯系在一起,盡管受害者之間有著千絲萬縷的聯系?!?[1]

John and Robert were bound by an unshakable loyalty. Kennedy biographers have stressed the absolute dedication of Robert to his elder brother. Robert had successfully managed John’s campaign for the Senate in 1952, then his presidential campaign in 1960. John made him not only his Attorney General, but also his most trusted adviser, even on matters of Foreign or Military affairs. What John appreciated most in Robert was his sense of justice and the rectitude of his moral judgment. It is Robert, for example, who encouraged John to fully endorse the cause of the Blacks’ civil rights movement[2].


Given this exceptional bond between the Kennedy brothers, what is the probability that the two Kennedy assassinations were unrelated? Rather, we should start with the assumption that they are related. Basic common sense suggests that the Kennedy brothers have been killed by the same force, and for the same motives. It is, at least, a logical working hypothesis that Robert was eliminated from the presidential race because he had to be prevented from reaching a position where he could reopen the case of his brother’s death. Both his loyalty to his brother’s memory, and his obsession with justice, made it predictable that, if he reached the White House, he would do just that. But was there, in 1968, any clear indication that he would?

鑒于肯尼迪兄弟之間的這種特殊關系,兩起肯尼迪暗殺案毫無關聯的可能性有多大? 相反,我們應該先假設它們是相關的。

Did Bobby plan to reopen the investigation on his brother’s assassination?
The question has been positively answered by David Talbot in his book Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster. Robert had never believed in the Warren Report’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of his brother. Knowing too well what to expect from Johnson, he had refused to testify before the Warren Commission. When its report came out, he had no choice but to publicly endorse it, but “privately he was dismissive of it,” as his son Robert Kennedy, Jr. remembers[3]. To close friends who wondered why he wouldn’t voice his doubt, he said: “there’s nothing I can do about it. Not now.”[4]

這個問題在大衛 · 托爾伯特《兄弟: 肯尼迪時代隱藏的歷史》一書中給出了肯定的答案,該書由西蒙與舒斯特出版社于2007年出版。
羅伯特從來不相信《沃倫報告》的結論,即 李 · 哈維 · 奧斯瓦爾德是刺殺他哥哥的唯一兇手。
他太了解約翰遜的為人,他拒絕在最高沃倫委員會作證,報告發表后,他別無選擇,只能公開表示支持,但正如他的兒子小羅伯特肯尼迪所回憶的那樣,“私下里,他對此不屑一顧?!?br /> 對于那些想知道他為什么不表達懷疑的密友,他說: “我無能為力,現在時機未到?!?[4]

From 22 November 1963, Robert was alienated and monitored by Johnson and Hoover. Although still Attorney General, he knew he was powerless against the forces that had killed his brother. Yet he lost no time beginning his own investigation; he first asked CIA director John McCone, a Kennedy friend, to find out if the Agency had anything to do with the plot, and came out convinced that it hadn’t. In March 1964, he had a face-to-face conversation with mobster Jimmy Hoffa, his sworn enemy, whom he had battled for ten years, and whom he suspected of having taken revenge on his brother. Robert also asked his friend Daniel Moynihan to search for any complicity in the Secret Service, responsible for the President’s security[5]. And of course, Robert suspected Johnson, whom he had always mistrusted, as Jeff Shesol documents in Mutual Contempt: Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, and the Feud that Defined a Decade (1997).

然而,他還是抓緊時間開始了自己的調查,他首先詢問了肯尼迪的朋友、中情局局長約翰 · 麥康尼,看看中情局是否與這起陰謀有關,結果證明并非如此。
1964年3月,他與黑幫分子吉米 · 霍法進行了一次面對面的談話,吉米 · 霍法是他的死敵,已經與他斗爭了10年,他懷疑霍法向他的兄弟報復。
羅伯特還要求他的朋友丹尼爾 · 莫伊尼漢去調查負責總統安全的特勤局是否為同謀。
當然,羅伯特懷疑約翰遜,正如杰夫·謝索(在《 相互輕視:林登·約翰遜、羅伯特·肯尼迪的十年宿怨》(1997) 一書中記載的那樣,他一直不信任約翰遜。

In fact, a mere week after JFK’s death, November 29, 1963, Bill Walton, a friend of the Kennedys, travelled to Moscow and passed to Nikita Khrushchev, via a trusted agent who had already carried secret communications between Khrushchev and John Kennedy, a message from Robert and Jacqueline Kennedy; according to the memo found in the Soviet archives in the 90s by Alexandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali (One Hell of a Gamble, 1998), Robert and Jackie wanted to inform the Soviet Premier that they believed John Kennedy had been “the victim of a right-wing conspiracy,” and that “the cooling that might occur in U.S.-Soviet relations because of Johnson would not last forever.”[6]

事實上,1963年11月29日,在肯尼迪去世僅僅一周后,肯尼迪的朋友比爾·沃爾頓便前往莫斯科,通過一位可靠的特工將赫魯曉夫和約翰 · 肯尼迪之間的秘密通信轉交給了尼基塔 · 赫魯曉夫,這名特工還攜帶有羅伯特·肯尼迪和杰奎琳·肯尼迪的信件。
90年代,亞歷山大 · 弗森科和蒂莫西 · 納夫塔利在蘇聯檔案館中發現了一份備忘錄 ( 《一場豪賭》,1998年出版),根據這份備忘錄,羅伯特和杰奎琳想告訴蘇聯領導人,他們認為約翰 · 肯尼迪是“一場右翼陰謀的受害者” ,“美蘇關系可能出現降溫,因為約翰遜不會永遠持續下去?!?[6]

Robert had planned to run for the American Presidency in 1972, but the escalation of the Vietnam War precipitated his decision to run in 1968. Another factor may have been the opening of the investigation by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in 1967. Garrison was allowed to view Abraham Zapruder’s amateur film, confiscated by the FBI on the day of the assassination. This film, despite evident tampering, shows that the fatal shot came from the “grassy knoll” well in front of the President, not from the School Book Depository located behind him, where Oswald was supposed to be shooting from.

另一個因素可能是1967年新奧爾良地區檢察官吉姆 · 加里森展開的調查,加里森被允許觀看亞伯拉罕 · 澤普魯德拍攝的錄像,錄像在暗殺當天被聯邦調查局沒收。
這一錄像,盡管有明顯的篡改,但顯示致命的一槍來自總統前方的“ 綠草坡” ,而不是奧斯瓦爾德身后的學校書庫,奧斯瓦爾德應該是從那里射擊的。

When talk of the investigation began, Kennedy asked one of his closest advisors, Frank Mankievitch, to follow its developments, “so if it gets to a point where I can do something about this, you can tell me what I need to know.” He confided to his friend William Attwood, then editor of Look magazine, that he, like Garrison, suspected a conspiracy, “but I can’t do anything until we get control of the White House.”[8] He refrained from openly supporting Garrison, believing that since the outcome of the investigation was uncertain, it could jeopardize his plans to reopen the case later, and even weaken his chances of election by construing his motivation as a family feud.

談到調查開始時,羅伯特肯尼迪請他最親密的顧問之一弗蘭克 · 曼基耶維奇關注事態發展,“ 如果事態發展到了我可以采取行動的地步,你可以告訴我我需要知道的東西?!?
他向當時擔任《 Look》雜志主編的朋友威廉阿特伍德透露,他和加里森一樣,懷疑這是一場陰謀,“但在我們控制住白宮之前,我什么都做不了?!?[8]

In conclusion, there can be little doubt that, had he been elected president, Robert Kennedy would have done everything possible to reopen the case of his brother’s assassination, in one way or another. This fact certainly did not escape John’s murderers. They had no other option but to stop him. This first conclusion is a sufficient reason to conduct a comparative analysis of both Kennedy assassinations, in search of some converging clues that might lead us to the trail of a common mastermind.We begin with Robert’s assassination.

總之,毫無疑問,如果羅伯特 · 肯尼迪當選總統,他會盡一切可能以某種方式重新調查他哥哥被暗殺的案件。

Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian motivated by hatred of Israel?

索罕 · 索罕,一個仇恨以色列的巴勒斯坦人?

Just hours after Robert’s assassination, the press was able to inform the American people, not only of the identity of the assassin, but also of his motive, and even of his detailed biography.[9] Twenty-four-year-old Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was born in Jordania, and had moved to the United States when his family was expelled from West Jerusalem in 1948. After the shooting, a newspaper clipping was found in Sirhan’s pocket, quoting favorable comments made by Robert regarding Israel and, in particular, what sounded like an electoral commitment: “The United States should without delay sell Israel the 50 Phantom jets she has so long been promised.” Handwritten notes by Sirhan found in a notebook at his home confirmed that his act had been premeditated and motivated by his hatred of Israel.

就在羅伯特被刺殺的幾個小時后,媒體不僅告知了美國人民刺客的身份,還有他的動機,甚至是他的詳細傳記。 [9] 24歲的索罕 · 索罕出生在約旦,1948年他的家人被驅逐出西耶路撒冷后,他移居到了美國。
槍擊事件發生后,在索罕的口袋里發現了一份剪報,上面引用了羅伯特對以色列的正面評論,特別是聽起來像是選舉承諾的評論: “ 美國應該毫不拖延地向以色列出售長期以來一直承諾的50架幻影戰斗機?!?

That became the story line of the mainstream media from day one. Jerry Cohen of the Los Angeles Times wrote a front page article, saying that Sirhan is “described by acquaintances as a ‘virulent’ anti-Israeli,” (Cohen changed that into “virulent anti-semite” in an article for the The Salt Lake Tribune), and that: “Investigation and disclosures from persons who knew him best revealed [him] as a young man with a supreme hatred for the state of Israel.” Cohen infers that “Senator Kennedy […] became a personification of that hatred because of his recent pro-Israeli statements.” Cohen further revealed that:

《洛杉磯時報》的杰瑞·科恩在頭版發表文章,稱索罕“被熟人形容為‘惡毒的''反以色列分子”( 科恩在紐約鹽湖城論壇的一篇文章中將其改為“惡毒的反猶太分子”) ,并且“最了解他的人的調查和披露揭示了他是一個對以色列國有著極大仇恨的年輕人?!?
科恩推斷:“肯尼迪參議員最近的親以色列言論使他成為發泄仇恨的替罪羊?!?br /> 科恩進一步透露:

“About three weeks ago the young Jordanian refugee accused of shooting Sen. Robert Kennedy wrote a memo to himself, […] The memo said: ‘Kennedy must be assassinated before June 5, 1968’—the first anniversary of the six-day war in which Israel humiliated three Arab neighbors, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.”[10]

“ 大約三個星期前,被指控槍擊參議員羅伯特 · 肯尼迪的年輕約旦難民給自己寫了一份備忘錄,備忘錄寫道: ‘肯尼迪必須在1968年6月5日之前被暗殺''——這是以色列羞辱三個阿拉伯鄰國埃及、敘利亞和約旦的六天戰爭的第一個周年紀念日?!?[10]

After September 11, 2001, the tragedy of Robert’s assassination was installed into the Neocon mythology of the Clash of Civilizations and the War on Terror the story. Sirhan became a precursor of Islamic terrorism on the American soil. In a book entitled The Forgotten Terrorist, Mel Ayton, who specializes in debunking conspiracy theories, claims to present “a wealth of evidence about [Sirhan’s] fanatical Palestinian nationalism,” and to demonstrate that “Sirhan was the lone assassin whose politically motivated act was a forerunner of present-day terrorism” (as written on the back cover).

索罕成為美國領土上伊斯蘭恐怖主義的始作俑者,在一本名為《被遺忘的恐怖分子》的書中,專門揭露陰謀論的梅爾 · 艾頓聲稱,他提供了“大量有關索罕[狂熱的巴勒斯坦民族主義的證據” ,并證明“索罕是唯一的刺客,他出于政治動機的行為是當今恐怖主義的始作俑者 ”( 見封底 )。

Did Sirhan Bishara Sirhan really kill Robert Kennedy?
If we trust official statements and mainstream news, the assassination of Robert Kennedy is an open-and-shut case. The identity of the killer suffers no discussion, since he was arrested on the spot, with the smoking gun in his hand. In reality, ballistic and forensic evidence show that none of Sirhan’s bullets hit Kennedy.

索罕 · 索罕真的殺了羅伯特 · 肯尼迪嗎?
如果我們相信官方聲明和主流新聞,羅伯特 · 肯尼迪遇刺案就是一個顯而易見的事件。

According to the autopsy report of Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner Thomas Noguchi, Robert Kennedy died of a gunshot wound to the brain, fired from behind the right ear at point blank range, following an upward angle. Nogushi restated his conclusion in his 1983 memoirs, Coroner. Yet the sworn testimony of twelve shooting witnesses established that Robert had never turned his back on Sirhan and that Sirhan was five to six feet away from his target when he fired.

根據首席法醫兼驗尸官托馬斯 · 野口的尸檢報告,羅伯特 · 肯尼迪死于腦部槍傷,子彈是近距離從右耳后面近距離向上射出的,在他1983年的回憶錄《驗尸官》中重申了他的結論。
計算了儲藏室里所有子彈,以及肯尼迪周圍 5 人受傷的情況,估計至少發射了 12 顆子彈,而索罕的槍只裝了8顆子彈。

Tallying all the bullet impacts in the pantry, and those that wounded five people around Kennedy, it has been estimated that at least twelve bullets were fired, while Sirhan’s gun carried only eight. On April 23, 2011, attorneys William Pepper and his associate, Laurie Dusek, gathered all this evidence and more in a 58-page file submitted to the Court of California, asking that Sirhan’s case be reopened. They documented major irregularities in the 1968 trial, including the fact that the bullet tested in laboratory to be compared to the the one extracted from Robert’s brain had not been shot by Sirhan’s revolver, but by another gun, with a different serial number; thus, instead of incriminating Sirhan, the ballistic test in fact proved him innocent. Pepper has also provided a computer analysis of audio recordings during the shooting, made by engineer Philip Van Praag in 2008, which confirms that two guns are heard.[13]

2011年4月23日,律師威廉 · 佩珀和他的助手勞里 · 杜塞克在提交給加州法院的58頁文件中收集了所有這些證據,并要求重新審理索罕的案件。
佩珀還提供了由工程師菲利普 · 范 · 普拉格2008年對槍擊過程中的錄音進行的計算機分析,證實有兩支槍的聲音[13]

The presence of a second shooter was signaled by several witnesses and reported on the same day by a few news media. There are strong suspicions that the second shooter was Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard hired for the evening, who was stuck behind Kennedy at the moment of the shooting, and seen with his pistol drawn by several witnesses. One of them, Don Schulman, positively saw him fire. Cesar was never investigated, even though he did not conceal his hatred for the Kennedys, who according to his recorded statement, had “sold the country down the road to the commies.”[14]

有人強烈懷疑第二個槍手是當晚雇傭的保安塞納 · 尤金 · 塞薩爾,槍擊發生時他被卡在肯尼迪身后,有幾個目擊者看到他拔出手槍。 其中一個人,唐 · 舒爾曼,肯定地看見他開火了,西澤從未被調查過,盡管他并沒有隱瞞自己對肯尼迪家族的仇恨,根據他的錄音聲明,肯尼迪家族“把整個國家出賣給了別人 [14]

Even if we assume that Sirhan did kill Robert Kennedy, a second aspect of the case raises question: according to several witnesses, Sirhan seemed to be in a state of trance during the shooting. More importantly, Sirhan has always claimed, and continues to claim, that he has never had any recollection of his act:
“I was told by my attorney that I shot and killed Senator Robert F. Kennedy and that to deny this would be completely futile, [but] I had and continue to have no memory of the shooting of Senator Kennedy.”

即使我們假設索罕確實殺害了羅伯特 · 肯尼迪,案件的第二個方面也引發了問題:
“ 我的律師告訴我,我開槍打死了參議員羅伯特 · 弗朗西斯 · 肯尼迪,否認這一點是完全徒勞的,[ 但 ] 我過去和現在都不記得有槍殺參議員肯尼迪的事情?!?br />
He also claims to have no memory of “many things and incidents which took place in the weeks leading up to the shooting.”[15] Some repetitive lines written of a notebook found in Sirhan’s bedroom, which Sirhan recognizes as his own handwriting but does not remember writing, are reminiscent of automatic writing.[16]

他還聲稱對“ 槍擊發生前幾周發生的許多事情和事件 ”沒有任何記憶 [15]
在索罕臥室里發現的一個筆記本上有一些重復的字跡,蘇爾漢認出這是他自己的筆跡,但不記得寫過什么,讓人聯想到所謂的“ 自動書寫”(譯注:automatic writing,神筆,靈媒用語,身體被控制產生幻覺)。 [16]

Psychiatric expertise, including lie-detector tests, have confirmed that Sirhan’s amnesia is not faked. In 2008, Harvard University professor Daniel Brown, a noted expert in hypnosis and trauma memory loss, interviewed Sirhan for a total of 60 hours, and concluded that Sirhan, whom he classifies in the category of “high hypnotizables,” acted unvoluntarily under the effect of hypnotic suggestion: “His firing of the gun was neither under his voluntary control, nor done with conscious knowledge, but is likely a product of automatic hypnotic behavior and coercive control.”[17]

2008年,著名催眠和創傷性記憶喪失專家、哈佛大學教授丹尼爾 · 布朗對索罕總共采訪了60個小時,得出的結論是,在催眠暗示的作用下,他不是自愿開槍的,“他開槍的時候既不是自愿的,也不是有意識的,很可能是自動催眠行為和強制控制的產物?!?[17]

We know that in the 1960s, American military agencies were experimenting on mental control. Dr Sidney Gottlieb, son of Hungarian Jews, directed the infamous CIA MKUltra project, which, among other things, were to answer questions such as: “Can a person under hypnosis be forced to commit murder?” according to a declassified document dated May 1951.[18] According to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, author of Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations (Random House, 2018), in 1968, an Israeli military psychologist by the name of Benjamin Shalit had concocted a plan to take a Palestinian prisoner and “brainwash and hypnotize him into becoming a programmed killer” aimed at Yasser Arafat.[19]

匈牙利猶太人之子西德尼 · 戈特利布博士指導了臭名昭著的中情局 “人腦控制項目”(MKUltra) 項目,該項目的目的之一是回答以下問題: “一個被催眠的人能被迫犯下謀殺罪嗎? ”
根據1951年5月的一份解密文件 [18],《 以色列定點暗殺的秘密歷史》( 蘭登書屋,2018年)一書的作者、以色列記者羅恩 · 伯格曼說,1968年,一位名叫本杰明 · 沙利特的以色列軍事心理學家策劃了一個計劃,綁架一名巴勒斯坦囚犯,并對他進行“洗腦和催眠,使他成為一名程序化殺手” ,目標是亞西爾 · 阿拉法特。 [19]

If Sirhan was hypnotically programmed, the question is: Who had some interest in having a visceral anti-Zionist Palestinian blamed for the killing of Robert Kennedy? Israel, of course. But then, we are faced with a dilemma, for why would Israel want to kill Robert Kennedy if Robert Kennedy was supportive of Israel, as the mainstream narrative goes?

誰會對一個殺害羅伯特 · 肯尼迪的、發自內心的反猶太復國主義的巴勒斯坦人感興趣?
但是,我們面臨著一個困境,如果羅伯特 · 肯尼迪支持以色列,為什么以色列要殺死羅伯特 · 肯尼迪?

Robert had not been, in his brother’s government, a particularly pro-Israel Attorney General: He had infuriated Zionist leaders by supporting an investigation led by Senator William Fulbright of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations aimed at registering the American Zionist Council as a “foreign agent” subject to the obligations defined by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which would had considerably hindered its efficiency (after 1963, the AZD escaped this procedure by changing its status and renaming itself AIPAC)[21].

他支持參議院外交關系委員會參議員威廉 · 富布賴特發起的一項調查,目的是將美國猶太復國主義理事會登記為”外國代理人” ,但須遵守1938年《外國代理人登記法》規定的義務,這將大大妨礙其效率 ( 1963年以后,阿茲臺德通過改變其地位和更名為“美國以色列公共事務委員會”而逃脫了這一程序) [21]。

In conclusion, it is only with outstanding hypocrisy that The Jewish Daily Forward could write, on the 40th anniversary of Bobby’s death:
“In remembering Bobby Kennedy, let us remember not just what he lived for, but also what he died for—namely, the precious nature of the American-Israeli relationship.”[22]

“在紀念鮑比 · 肯尼迪時,讓我們不僅記住他為之而生的東西,也記住他為之而死的東西——這是美以關系的寶貴本質?!?br />
Robert Kennedy’s death had not been a bad thing for the precious “American-Israeli relationship.” Rather, it was a great loss for the Arab world, where Bobby was mourned just as had his brother John before him.

羅伯特 · 肯尼迪的死對珍貴的“美以關系”來說并不是一件壞事,相反,這對阿拉伯世界來說是一個巨大的損失,在那里,羅伯特 · 肯尼迪和他的哥哥約翰 · 肯尼迪一樣被哀悼。

Of course, the fact that the Zionist media lied when granting Robert Kennedy some posthumous certificate of good will toward Israel, and thereby provided Israel with a fake alibi, is not a sufficient reason for concluding that Israel murdered Robert. Even the fact that the masterminds of the plot chose as their programmed instrument an anti-Zionist Palestinian, and thereby stirred a strong anti-Palestinian feeling among Americans at the same time as getting rid of Robert, does not prove that Israel was involved. What is still lacking for a serious presumption is a plausible motive.


The motive of Robert’s assassination must be found, not in what Robert publicly declared in an Oregon synagogue during his presidential campaign, but rather in what he confided only to his most close friends: his intention to reopen the investigation on his brother’s death. Our next question, therefore, is: What would an unbiased investigation, conducted under the supervision of Robert in the White House, have revealed?


Did the CIA assassinate Kennedy?
It is obvious to anybody just vaguely informed that a genuine investigation would first establish that Oswald was a mere “patsy”, as he said himself, a scapegoat prepared in advance to be blamed for the crime and then be slaughtered without a trial. We will not here review the evidence that contradicts the official thesis of the lone gunman. It can be found in numerous books and documentary films.


Just as notorious is the theory that the plot to kill Kennedy originated from a secret network within the CIA, in collusion with extremist elements in the Pentagon. That conspiracy theory looms the largest in books, articles and films that have been produced since John Kennedy died.


That CIA-Pentagon theory, as I will call it (add the military-industrial complex if you wish) has a major flaw in the motive ascribed to the killers: besides getting rid of Kennedy, the theory goes, the aim was to create a pretext for invading Cuba, something the CIA had always pushed for and Kennedy had refused to do (the Bay of Pigs fiasco). With Oswald groomed as a pro-Castro communist, the Dallas shooting was staged as a false flag attack to be blamed on Cuba. But then, why did no invasion of Cuba followed Kennedy’s assassination? Why was the pro-Castro Oswald abandoned by the Warren Commission in favor of the lone nut Oswald? Those who address the question, like James Douglass in his JFK and the Unspeakable, credit Johnson with preventing the invasion. Johnson, we are led to understand, had nothing to do with the assassination plot, and thwarted the plotters’ ultimate aim to start World War III. This is to ignore the tremendous amount of evidence accumulated against Johnson for fifty years, and documented in such groundbreaking books as Phillip Nelson’s LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2010) or Roger Stone’s The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ (2013).

“CIA-五角大樓”論,我把它 ( 如果你希望添加軍工復合體) 的一個動機歸因于兇手的主要缺陷:
除了擺脫肯尼迪,理論上說,目的是創建一個借口入侵古巴,中央情報局一直推動肯尼迪拒絕的事情( 豬灣事件 )。

這就忽略了五十年來積累的大量不利于約翰遜的證據,這些證據被記錄在菲利普 · 納爾遜)的《約翰遜:肯尼迪遇刺案的策劃者》或羅杰 · 斯通的《殺死肯尼迪的人:反對約翰遜的例證》等開創性著作中。

Another weakness in the CIA-Pentagon theory is the lack of agreement about the mastermind of the plot. In fact, one of the names that comes up most often is James Jesus Angleton, the head of Counter-Intelligence within the CIA, about whom Professor John Newman writes in Oswald and the CIA:
“In my view, whoever Oswald’s direct handler or handlers were, we must now seriously consider the possibility that Angleton was probably their general manager. No one else in the Agency had the access, the authority, and the diabolically ingenious mind to manage this sophisticated plot.”[23]

In such a way, The New York Times was planting a sign, a month and a half before the Dallas killing, pointing to the CIA as the most likely instigator of the upcoming coup. The sign said: “The President is going to fall victim of a coup, and it will come from the CIA.”

就這樣,《紐約時報》在達拉斯被殺事件發生前一個半月就植入了一個信號,指出CIA 最有可能是即將到來的政變的煽動者,并寫道:“總統將成為政變的犧牲品,它將來自中央情報局?!?br />
One month after Kennedy’s assassination, it was the turn of the Washington Post to use a very similar trick, by publishing an op-ed signed by Harry Truman, in which the former president said he was “disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment.” “I never had any thought when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations,” at the point of becoming across the globe “a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue […] there are now some searching questions that need to be answered.”[27]

在肯尼迪遇刺一個月后,《華盛頓郵報》采用一個非常類似的做法,《華盛頓郵報》發表了哈里 · 杜魯門署名的專欄文章,這位前總統在文章中表示,他“對中央情報局偏離其最初任務的方式感到不安 ”, “當我建立中央情報局的時候,我從來沒有想過它會被注入到和平時期的暗殺行動中,”在全球變成“一個邪惡和神秘的外國陰謀的象征... ... 現在有一些探索性的問題需要回答?!?[27]

Truman was hinting at the CIA’s role in toppling foreign governments and assassinating elected leaders abroad. But given the timing of his article, one month to the day after Dallas, it could only be understood by anyone with ears to hear, and at least subliminally by the rest, as an indictment of the CIA in the Kennedy assassination. This article, widely reprinted in the 1970s after the creation of the Church Committee and the House sext Committee on Assassinations, is regarded as Truman’s whistleblowing. Yet its mea culpa style is quite unlike Truman; that is because it was not written by Truman, but by his longtime assistant and ghostwriter, a Russian born Jew named David Noyes, whom Sidney Krasnoff calls “Truman’s alter ego” in his book, Truman and Noyes: Story of a President’s Alter Ego (1997). Truman probably never saw the article prior to its publication in the Washington Post morning edition, but he may be responsible for its deletion from the afternoon print runs.[28]

但是考慮到他文章發表的時間---- 距離達拉斯暗殺之后一個月---- 它能被任何有頭腦的人理解,至少是下意識地被其他人理解為對中情局在肯尼迪暗殺事件中的控訴。

不過,這篇文章認錯式的風格與杜魯門的風格大不相同,因為它不是杜魯門寫的,而是他的長期助手兼代筆人大衛 · 諾伊斯寫的。
諾伊斯是一個出生于俄羅斯的猶太人,西德尼 · 克拉斯諾夫在他的書《杜魯門和諾伊斯: 一個總統改變自我的故事》指出,杜魯門在這篇文章發表在《華盛頓郵報》上之前可能從來沒有看到過這篇文章,但是他可能對這篇文章印刷版中刪除負有責任。 [28]

So the two most influential American newspapers, while ostensibly defending the official theory of the lone gunman, have planted directional signs pointing to the CIA. Most Kennedy truthers have followed the signs with enthusiasm.


In the 70s, the mainstream media and publishing industry played again a major role in steering conspiracy theorists toward the CIA, while avoiding any hint of Israeli involvement. One major contributor to that effort was A. J. Weberman, with his 1975 book Coup d’état in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, co-authored by Michael Canfield . According to the New York Jewish Daily Forward (December 28, 2012), Weberman had “immigrated to Israel in 1959 and has dual American-Israeli citizenship,” and is “a close associate of Jewish Defense Organization founder Mordechai Levy, whose fringe group is a spin-off of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s militant right-wing Jewish Defense League.” Weberman acknowledged Neocon Richard Perle’s assistance in his investigation.[29] The Weberman-Canfield book contributed to the momentum that led the House sext Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) to reinvestigate in 1976 the murders of JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King.

其中一個主要貢獻者是 A. J. 威伯曼,他在1975年與邁克爾坎菲爾德合著了《美國的政變:中央情報局和肯尼迪遇刺案》一書,據《 紐約猶太人前進日報 》(New York Jewish Daily Forward,2012年12月28日 ) 報道,威伯曼“于1959年移民到以色列,擁有美國和以色列雙重國籍” ,并且是“猶太人防衛組織創始人莫德凱 · 利維的親密伙伴,他的邊緣團體是已故拉比 · 梅爾 · 卡哈內的激進右翼防衛猶太聯盟。
韋伯曼承認新保守主義者理查德·派瑞 在他的調查中提供了幫助。 [29]
韋伯曼-坎菲爾德的書促使眾議院暗殺特別委員會 (HSCA) 在1976年重新調查肯尼迪和馬丁·路德·金博士的謀殺案。

It is also in this context that Newsweek journalist Edward Jay Epstein published an interview of George De Mohrenschildt, a Russian geologist and consultant for Texan oilmen who had befriended Oswald and his Russian wife in Dallas in 1962. In this interview, De Mohrenschildt admitted that Oswald had been introduced to him at the instigation of Dallas CIA agent J. Walton Moore.[30] That piece of information is dubious for several reasons: First, Moore was officially FBI rather than CIA. Second, De Mohrenschildt was in no position to confirm or deny the words that Epstein ascribed to him: he was found dead a few hours after giving the interview. In fact, De Mohrenschildt’s interview published by Epstein contradicts De Mohrenschildt’s own manuscxt account of his relationship to Oswald, revealed after his death.[31] De Mohrenschildt’s death was ruled a suicide. The Sheriff’s report mentions that in his last months he complained that “the Jews” and “the Jewish mafia” were out to get him.[32]

正是在這種背景下,《新聞周刊》記者愛德華 · 杰 · 愛潑斯坦發表了一篇對喬治 · 德 · 莫倫斯切爾特的采訪,這位俄羅斯地質學家和德州石油商顧問于1962年在達拉斯結識了奧斯瓦爾德和他的俄羅斯妻子。
在這次采訪中,· 德 · 莫倫斯切爾特承認奧斯瓦爾德是在達拉斯中央情報局特工 J . 沃爾頓摩爾的唆使下被介紹給他的。 [30]

其次,德莫倫斯切爾特無法證實或否認愛普斯坦認為他說的話: 他在接受采訪幾小時后被發現死亡。
事實上,愛潑斯坦出版的對德 · 莫倫斯切爾特的采訪與德 · 莫倫斯切爾特死后透露的他與奧斯瓦爾德關系的手稿記錄相矛盾。 [31]
德 · 莫倫斯切爾特 的死被判定為自殺,治安官的報告提到,在他生命的最后幾個月里,他抱怨“猶太人”和“猶太黑手黨”想抓住他。 [32]

Needless to say, Epstein didn’t mention anything about this. More suspicions arise from the fact that Epstein’s main source for his 1978 book, Legend: the Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald, was James Jesus Angleton, who was actively spreading disinformation at the time of the HSCA, defending the theory that Oswald was a KGB agent with CIA connections.

不用說,愛潑斯坦對此事只字未提,1978年出版的《傳奇:李·哈維·奧斯瓦爾德的秘密世界》一書中,愛潑斯坦的主要信息來源是詹姆斯·安格爾頓,他在 HSCA(眾議院暗殺特別委員會)時期積極散布假情報,為奧斯瓦爾德是克格勃特工與中央情報局有聯系的說法辯護。

That Israeli agents have been instrumental in spreading conspiracy theories targeting the CIA is also evidenced by Oliver Stone’s film JFK released in 1991, starring Kevin Costner in the role of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. This film, which shook public opinion to the point of motivating the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, was produced by Arnon Milchan, described in a 2011 biography as being from his youth “one of the most important covert agents that Israeli intelligence has ever fielded,” involved in arms smuggling from the US to Israel.[33] In 2013 Milchan publicly revealed his extended activity as a secret agent of Israel, working in particular to boost Israel’s nuclear program.[34] It is therefore no wonder that Stone’s film gives no hint of the Mossad connection that Garrison stumbled upon.

奧利弗 · 斯通1991年上映的電影《刺殺肯尼迪》也證明了以色列特工在傳播針對中央情報局的陰謀論中起到了重要作用,該片由凱文 · 科斯特納飾演新奧爾良地區檢察官吉姆 · 加里森。
這部由邁爾坎制作電影震撼了公眾輿論,甚至激勵了暗殺檔案復核小組工作,邁爾坎在2011年的一本傳記中描述他年輕時是“以色列情報部門有史以來最重要的秘密特工之一” ,參與了從美國向以色列走私軍火的活動。 [33]

Who killed JFK?
By a strange paradox, the authors who stand for the consensual conspiracy theory of a CIA plot against Kennedy build their case on the biography of Oswald, while at the same time claiming that Oswald had almost nothing to do with the killing. If Oswald was “just a patsy,” as he publicly claimed, the quest for the real culprits must logically begin by investigating the man who silenced Oswald.

如果奧斯瓦爾德像他公開聲稱的那樣“只是個替罪羊” ,那么從邏輯上講,尋找真正的罪犯必須從調查讓奧斯瓦爾德閉嘴的那個人開始。

Oswald’s assassin is known as Jack Ruby, but few people know that his real name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein, and that he was the son of Jewish Polish immigrants. Ruby was a member of the Jewish underworld. He was a friend of Los Angeles gangster Mickey Cohen, whom he had known and admired since 1946. Cohen was the successor of the famed Benjamin Siegelbaum, aka Bugsy Siegel, one of the bosses of Murder Incorporated. Cohen was infatuated with the Zionist cause, as he explained in his memoirs: “Now I got so engrossed with Israel that I actually pushed aside a lot of my activities and done nothing but what was involved with this Irgun war”.[35]

魯比是猶太黑社會的成員,他是洛杉磯黑幫分子米奇 · 科恩的朋友,自1946年起他就認識并崇拜他。
科恩是著名的本杰明 · 西格爾鮑姆,又名布格西 · 西格爾的繼任者,他是謀殺集團的老板之一。
科恩迷戀猶太復國主義事業,正如他在回憶錄中解釋的那樣: “現在我對以色列如此著迷,以至于我實際上把自己的許多活動拋在一邊,什么也不做,只做與伊爾貢(注: Irgun,英國統治巴勒斯坦時期進行地下活動的猶太復國主義右翼組織)之戰有關的事情?!?[35]

Mickey Cohen was in contact with Menachem Begin, the former Irgun chief, with whom he even “spent a lot of time,” according to Gary Wean, former detective sergeant for the Los Angeles Police Department. So there is a direct line connecting Jack Ruby, via Mickey Cohen, to the Israeli terrorist ring, and in particular to Menachem Begin, a specialist in false flag terror. We also know that Ruby phoned Al Gruber, a Mickey Cohen associate, just after Oswald’s arrest; no doubt he received then “an offer he couldn’t refuse,” as they say in the underworld.[36] Ruby’s defense lawyer William Kunstler wrote in his memoirs that Ruby told him he had killed Oswald “for the Jews,” and Ruby’s rabbi Hillel Silverman received the same confession when visiting Ruby in jail.[37]

洛杉磯警察局前偵探長加里 · 韋恩說,米奇 · 科恩與前 Irgun 首席執行官梅納赫姆 · 貝京有聯系,他們甚至“相處了很長時間”。
所以有一條線通過米奇 · 科恩將杰克 · 魯比與以色列恐怖組織聯系起來,特別是與梅納赫姆 · 貝京,一位假恐怖活動的專家。
我們還知道,就在奧斯瓦爾德被捕后不久,魯比給米奇 · 科恩的同事阿爾 · 格魯伯打了電話,毫無疑問,當時他收到了“一個他無法拒絕的提議” ,這是黑社會里常見的用語。 [36]
魯比的辯護律師威廉 · 昆斯特勒在回憶錄中寫道,魯比告訴他,他殺害奧斯瓦爾德是“為了猶太人” ,魯比的拉比希勒爾 · 西爾弗曼在獄中探望魯比時也得到了同樣的供詞。 [37]

That is not all. At every levels of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy, we also find the fingerprints of the Israeli deep state. JFK’s trip to Dallas, being officially “non political,” was sponsored by a powerful business group known as the Dallas Citizens Council, dominated by Julius Schepps, “a wholesale liquor distributor, member of every synagogue in town, and de facto leader of the Jewish community,” as described by Bryan Edward Stone in The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontiers of Texas.[38] Kennedy was on his way to the reception organized in his honor when he was shot.
The “host committee” inviting Kennedy was chaired by another influential figure of the wealthy Jewish community in Dallas: advertising executive and PR man Sam Bloom. According to former British Intelligence Officer Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, it was Bloom who suggested to the Police “that they move the alleged assassin [Oswald] from the Dallas police station to the Dallas County Jail in order to give the newsmen a good story and pictures.”Oswald was shot by Ruby during this transfert. Hughes-Wilson adds that,“when the police later searched Ruby’s home, they found a slip of paper with Bloom’s name, address and telephone number on it.”[39]

在刺殺肯尼迪的陰謀的各個層面,我們還發現了以色列“暗深勢力集團”(Deep State)的蹤跡。
肯尼迪的達拉斯之行,官方說法是“非政治性的” ,是由一個名為達拉斯公民委員會的強大商業組織贊助的。
該組織由朱利葉斯謝普斯導,布萊恩愛德華斯通在《被選中的人: 德克薩斯州邊境的猶太人》稱, 肯尼迪被槍殺時,他正在前往為他舉行的招待會的路上。

邀請肯尼迪的“主辦委員會”由達拉斯富裕的猶太社區中另一位有影響力的人物擔任主席:廣告主管兼公關人員薩姆 · 布魯姆。
根據前英國情報官員約翰 · 休斯威爾遜上校的說法,是布魯姆向警方建議“他們把所謂的暗殺者( 奧斯瓦爾德) 從達拉斯警察局轉移到達拉斯縣監獄,以便給新聞記者提供一個好的故事和照片?!?br /> 奧斯瓦爾德在這次轉移中被魯比槍殺。

After the Dallas tragedy, Israel’s sayanim were also busy fabricating the official lie. Apart from its chairman Earl Warren, chosen for his figurative role as Chief Justice, all key people in the investigative Commission were either personal enemies of Kennedy—like Allen Dulles, the CIA director fired by Kennedy in 1961—or ardent Zionists. The man who played the key role in fabricating the government lie purveyed by the Warren Commission was Arlen Specter, the inventor of what came to be called the “magic bullet” theory: a single bullet supposed to have caused seven wounds to Kennedy and John Connally sitting before him in the limousine, and later found in pristine condition on a gurney in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Specter, who with an ironic touch of chutzpah titled his autobiography Passion for Truth, was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, and, at his death in 2012, was mourned by the Israeli government as “an unswerving defender of the Jewish State,” and by AIPAC, as “a leading architect of the congressional bond between our country and Israel.”[40]
So, at all stages of the plot, we find a Zionist cabal including business men, politicians and Irgun-connected gangsters, not forgetting media executives, all devoted to Israel.


斯佩克特在他的以一種諷刺口吻命名的自傳《真相的激情》中,稱他是俄羅斯猶太移民的兒子,2012年去世時,以色列政府為他哀悼,稱他是“猶太國家堅定的捍衛者”,美國以色列公共事務委員會( AIPAC) 稱他是“我們國家和以色列之間國會紐帶的主要設計師” [40]

The most plausible motive for Israel to kill Kennedy has been revealed by two books: Seymour Hersh’s The Samson Option in 1991, then Avner Cohen’s Israel and the Bomb in 1998, and the lead has been followed up in 2007 by Michael Karpin in The Bomb in the Basement. What these investigators reveal is that Kennedy, informed by the CIA in 1960 of the military aim pursued at the Dimona complex in the Negev desert, was firmly determined to force Israel to renounce it. With that purpose in mind, he replaced CIA Director Allen Dulles by John McCone, who had, as Eisenhower’s chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), leaked to The New York Times the truth about Israel’s Dimona project; the story was printed on December 19, 1960, weeks before Kennedy was to take office. As Alan Hart writes, “there can be no doubt that Kennedy’s determination to stop Israel developing its own nuclear bomb was the prime factor in his decision to appoint McCone.”[41] Then Kennedy urged Ben-Gurion to allow regular inspections of Dimona, first verbally in New York in 1961, and later through more and more insistent letters. In the last one, cabled June 15, 1963 to the Israeli ambassador with instruction to hand it personally to Ben-Gurion, Kennedy demanded Ben-Gurion’s agreement for an immediate visit followed by regular visits every six months, otherwise “this Government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized.”[42] The result was unexpected: Ben-Gurion avoided official reception of the letter by announcing his resignation on June 16. As soon as the new Prime Minister Levi Eshkol took office, Kennedy sent him a similar letter, dated July 5, 1963, to no avail. Did Ben-Gurion resign in order to deal with Kennedy from another level?

1991年西摩 · 赫什的《薩姆森選項》 ,1998年阿夫納 · 科恩的《以色列和炸彈》 ,2007年邁克爾 · 卡賓在《地下室的炸彈》中追蹤了這一線索。
考慮到這個目的,他用約翰 · 麥科恩取代了中央情報局局長艾倫 · 杜勒斯,麥科恩是艾森豪威爾的原子能委員會(AEC)主席,他向《紐約時報》透露了關于以色列的迪莫納計劃的真相,這篇報道于1960年12月19日出版,比肯尼迪上任早幾個星期。

在1963年6月15日給以色列大使的最后一封電報中,肯尼迪要求本古里安同意立即訪問,然后每六個月定期訪問一次,否則”本國政府對以色列的承諾和支持可能受到嚴重損害” [42]
1963年7月5日,新任總理列維 · 埃什科爾上任后,肯尼迪給他寫了一封類似的信,但毫無用處。

Kennedy behaved warmly toward Nasser, Israel’s worst enemy. Historian Philip Muehlenbeck writes:
“While the Eisenhower administration had sought to isolate Nasser and reduce his influence through building up Saudi Arabia’s King Saud as a conservative rival to the Egyptian president, the Kennedy administration pursued the exact opposite strategy.”[44]

肯尼迪對以色列最大的敵人納賽爾表現得很熱情,歷史學家菲利普 · 穆倫貝克寫道:

After Kennedy’s death, American foreign policy was reversed again, without the American public being aware of it. Johnson cut the economic aid to Egypt, and increased the military aid to Israel, which reached 92 million dollars in 1966, more than the total of all previous years combined.


For 50 years, the Israeli trail in the Kennedy assassination has been smothered, and anyone who mentioned it was immediately ostracized. American congressman Paul Findley nevertheless dared write in March 1992 in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: “It is interesting to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned.” One single author has seriously investigated that trail: Michael Collins Piper, in his 1995 book Final Judgment: The Missing lix in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. Piper was largely ignored by the mainstream of the Kennedy truth movement. But his work has made its way nevertheless. In 2013, Martin Sandler wrote about Piper’s work in his edition of letters by Kennedy, which included those addressed to Ben-Gurion about Dimona: “Of all the conspiracy theories, it remains one of the most intriguing.”It is, in fact, a theory widespread in Arab countries.[45]

盡管如此,美國國會議員保羅 · 芬德利還是在1992年3月的《華盛頓中東事務報告》中大膽的寫道: “值得注意的是,在所有關于肯尼迪遇刺的文字和言論中,以色列情報機構摩薩德從未被提及?!?

邁克爾 · 柯林斯 · 派珀在他1995年出版的《最終審判: 肯尼迪刺殺陰謀中缺失的一環》一書中認真研究了這條線索。
2013年,馬丁 · 桑德勒在他《 肯尼迪家書》中介紹了派珀的作品,其中包括那些寫給本-古里安的關于迪莫納的信件: “在所有的陰謀論中,它仍然是最引人入勝的一個?!筆率瞪?,這是一個在阿拉伯國家廣為流傳的理論。 [45]

The case against Lyndon Johnson
Several investigators have identified Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy’s vice-president, as the mastermind of the Kennedy assassination. It is, at least, beyond doubt that the plotters acted with the foreknowledge that Johnson, who automatically stepped in as head of State after Kennedy’s death, would cover them. The context of national crisis enabled him to bully both Justice and the press while achieving his life’s ambition. Johnson not just benefitted from the plot; he participated in its elaboration. As a former senator from Texas, he could mobilize high-ranked accomplices in Dallas to prepare the ambush. Johnson also had his men in the Navy. In 1961, Texan senator John Connally had been appointed as Navy Secretary at the request of Johnson. When Connally resigned eleven months later to run for governor of Texas, Johnson convinced Kennedy to name another of his Texan friends, Fred Korth.

反林登 · 約翰遜案
1961年,德克薩斯州參議員約翰 · 康納利應約翰遜的要求被任命為海軍部長,11個月后,康納利辭職競選德克薩斯州州長,約翰遜說服肯尼迪提名他的另一位德克薩斯朋友弗雷德 · 科斯。

Johnson’s privileged control over the Navy is an important aspect of the case because the Navy was critical in the setting up and in the cover-up of the plot. First, contrary to a widespread but erroneous belief, Lee Harvey Oswald had been recruited by the Navy and not by the CIA. He was a Marine, and as a Marine he had worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Secondly, it is at the Naval Hospital in Washington, under the control of Navy officers, that Kennedy’s autopsy was performed, after his body had been literally stolen at gunpoint from Parkland Hospital in Dallas. The report of this autopsy stated that the fatal bullet had entered the back of Kennedy’s skull, which contradicted the testimonies of twenty-one members of the Dallas hospital staff who saw two entry bullet-wounds on the front of Kennedy’s body. This was critical because Oswald was presumably shooting from behind Kennedy, and could not possibly have caused these bullet wounds.


It is noteworthy that Johnson had actually taken advantage of his connections in the Navy to participate in the greatest corruption case ever recorded at that time. His accomplice Fred Korth was forced to resign as Navy Secretary in November 1963, only weeks before the Dallas coup, after the Justice Department headed by Robert Kennedy had implicated him in a fraud involving a $7 billion contract for the construction of 1,700 TFX military aircraft by General Dynamics, a Texan company. Johnson’s personal secretary, Bobby Baker, was charged in the same case.

他的同伙弗雷德科思在1963年11月被迫辭去海軍部長的職務,就在達拉斯政變發生前幾周,由羅伯特·肯尼迪領導的司法部將他牽扯進了一起欺詐案,這起案件涉及德克薩斯州的一家公司----通用動力公司,其建造1700架 TFX 軍用飛機,合同價值70億美元,約翰遜的私人秘書博比 · 貝克也在同一起案件中受到指控。

Because of this mounting scandal and other suspicions of corruption, Kennedy was determined to change Vice-President for his upcoming reelection campaign.[46] While in Dallas the day before the President’s visit, Nixon publicized the rumor of Johnson’s removal, and the Dallas Morning News was reporting on November 22nd: “Nixon Predicts JFK May Drop Johnson.” Instead, Johnson became president that very day.

鑒于這樁丑聞和其他腐敗嫌疑,肯尼迪決定更換副總統,參加即將到來的連任競選。 [46]
在總統訪問的前一天,總統來訪的前一天,尼克松在達拉斯發布了約翰遜被解職的消息,11月22日的《達拉斯晨報》報道:“ 尼克松預測肯尼迪可能會拋棄約翰遜?!薄歡?,就在那一天,約翰遜成為了總統。

Many Americans immediately suspected Johnson’s involvement in the Dallas coup, especially after the publication in 1964 of a book by James Evetts Haley, A Texan Looks at Lyndon, which portrayed Johnson as deeply corrupt. According to his biographer Robert Caro, Johnson was a man thirsting “for power in its most naked form, for power not to improve the lives of others, but to manipulate and dominate them, to bend them to his will.”[47]

許多美國人立即懷疑約翰遜參與了達拉斯政變,尤其是在詹姆斯 · 埃弗雷特1964年出版的《一個德克薩斯人如何看待林登約翰遜》一書中將約翰遜描繪成一個極度腐敗的人之后。
根據他的傳記作家羅伯特 · 卡羅的說法,約翰遜是一個渴望“以最赤裸裸的形式獲得權力的人,渴望權力不是為了改善別人的生活,而是為了操縱和支配他們,使他們屈從于他的意志?!?[47]

The evidence incriminating Johnson does not conflict with the evidence against Israel, quite the contrary. First, both trails converge in the person of Jack Ruby, whom Nixon identified a one of “Johnson’s boys,” according to former Nixon operative Roger Stone.[48] The hypothesis that Ruby acted on Johnson’s orders is a likely explanation for some of his odd statements to the Warren Commission:

指控約翰遜有罪的證據與指控以色列的證據并不沖突,恰恰相反。 首先,兩條線索都聚集在杰克 · 魯比身上,據尼克松的前特工羅杰斯通說,尼克松認出了他是“約翰遜的手下” 。 [48]

“If you don’t take me back to Washington tonight to give me a chance to prove to the President that I am not guilty, then you will see the most tragic thing that will ever happen.” “There will be a certain tragic occurrence happening if you don’t take my testimony and somehow vindicate me so my people don’t suffer because of what I have done.”

“如果你們今晚不把我帶回華盛頓,給我一個機會向總統證明我是無罪的,那么你們將看到有史以來最悲慘的事情發生?!?“如果你不采納我的證詞,并以某種方式為我辯護,讓我的人民不因我的所作所為而遭受痛苦,那么某種悲劇就會發生?!?br />

A Crypto-Zionist president?
Ruby is not the only lix between Johnson and Israel, far from it. In truth, Johnson had always been Israel’s man. His electoral campaigns had been funded since 1948 by Zionist financier Abraham Feinberg, who happened to be president of the Americans for Haganah Incorporated, which raised money for the Jewish militia. It is the same Feinberg who, after the Democratic primaries in 1960, made the following proposal to Kennedy, as Kennedy himself later reported to his friend Charles Bartlett: “We know your campaign is in trouble. We’re willing to pay your bills if you’ll let us have control of your Middle East policy.” Bartlett recalls that Kennedy was deeply upset and swore that, “if he ever did get to be President, he was going to do something about it.”[51]

事實上,約翰遜一直是以色列的人,自1948年以來,他的競選活動一直得到猶太復國主義金融家亞伯拉罕 · 范伯格的資助,范伯格碰巧是哈加納美國公司的總裁,該公司為猶太民兵籌集資金。
正是這個范伯格,在1960年民主黨初選后,向肯尼迪提出了如下建議,正如肯尼迪本人后來向他的朋友查爾斯 · 巴特利特報告的那樣: “我們知道你的競選遇到了麻煩,如果你們讓我們控制你們的中東政策,我們愿意為你們買單?!?巴特利特回憶說,肯尼迪當時非常沮喪,并發誓說,“如果他能當上總統,他一定會采取行動?!?[51]

It is on record, thanks to Kennedy insider Arthur Schlesinger (A Thousand Days: John Kennedy in the White House, 1965), that the two men who convinced Kennedy to take Johnson as his running mate, were Philip Graham and Joseph Alsop, respectively publisher and columnist of the Washington Post, and strong supporters of Israel.[52] Schlesinger doesn’t reveal Graham and Alsop’s arguments, and states that Kennedy’s final decision “defies historical reconstruction”—a curious statement for a historian so well informed on the topic. But Evelyn Lincoln, Kennedy’s personal secretary for twelve years, had her own idea about it. She believed that Kennedy was blackmailed with proofs of his many infidelities to his wife: “Jack knew that Hoover and LBJ would just fill the air with womanizing.” Whatever the details of the blackmail, Kennedy once confided to his assistant Hyman Raskin, as an apology for taking Johnson, “I was left with no choice […] those bastards were trying to frx me. They threatened me with problems and I don’t need more problems.”[53]

多虧肯尼迪內部人士阿瑟 · 施萊辛格(《一千天: 約翰 · 肯尼迪在白宮,1965年》,說服肯尼迪選擇約翰遜為競選伙伴的兩個人分別是《華盛頓郵報》的出版人和專欄作家菲利普 · 格雷厄姆和約瑟夫奧爾索普 。 [52]
但作為肯尼迪12年的私人秘書,伊夫林 · 林肯對此有自己的看法,她相信肯尼迪是被人用他對妻子多次不忠的證據敲詐勒索了: “杰克知道胡佛和林登 · 貝恩斯 · 約翰遜只會讓空氣中充滿女色?!?
無論敲詐的細節如何,肯尼迪曾向他的助手海曼 · 拉斯金透露,作為對帶走約翰遜的道歉,“我別無選擇... ... 那些混蛋想陷害我,他們用這些問題威脅我,我不需要更多的問題?!?[53]

In 2013, Associated Press reported about newly released tapes from Johnson’s White House office showing LBJ’s “personal and often emotional connection to Israel,” and pointed out that under Johnson, “the United States became Israel’s chief diplomatic ally and primary arms supplier.” An article from the 5 Towns Jewish Times “Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson?” recalls Johnson’s continuous support of Jews and Israel in the 1940s and 50s, and concludes: “President Johnson firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction.” The article also mentions that, “research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family. His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America.” And, in an additional note: “The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.”[54]

2013年,美聯社報道了約翰遜白宮辦公室新近公布的一些錄音帶,其中顯示約翰遜“與以色列有著個人的、往往是情感上的聯系” ,并指出,在約翰遜的領導下,“美國成為了以色列的主要外交盟友和主要武器供應國?!?br /> 猶太時報的一篇文章《 我們的第一位猶太總統林登 · 約翰遜?》 回顧了約翰遜在20世紀40年代和50年代對猶太人和以色列的持續支持,并總結道: “約翰遜總統堅定地將美國的政策指向親以色列的方向?!?
文章還提到,“ 對約翰遜個人歷史的研究表明,他從家庭中繼承了對猶太人的關心, 他的姑姑杰西 · 約翰遜 · 海切爾是美國猶太復國主義組織的成員,對林登 · 約翰遜有重大影響?!?
另外,還有一條注釋:“猶太母親的血統可以追溯到林登 · 約翰遜的家譜中的三代人,毫無疑問,他是猶太人?!?[54]

Whatever was the reason of Johnson’s loyalty to Israel, it is a fact that, thanks to Johnson, Israel could continue its military nuclear program undisturbed, and acquire its first atomic bomb around 1965. Historian Stephen Green writes: “Lyndon Johnson’s White House saw no Dimona, heard no Dimona, and spoke no Dimona when the reactor went critical in early 1964.”[55]

歷史學家斯蒂芬 · 格林寫道: “1964年初,當反應堆達到臨界狀態時,林登 · 約翰遜的白宮看不到迪莫納核基地,也沒有聽過迪莫納核基地,沒有人說起迪莫納核基地?!?[55]

Thanks to JFK’s death, Israel was also able to carry out its plan to annex Palestinian territories beyond the boundaries imposed by the United Nations Partition plan. By leaning on Pentagon and CIA hawks, Johnson intensified the Cold War and created the climate of tension which Israel needed in order to demonize Egyptian president Nasser and reinforce its own stature as indispensable ally in the Middle East.


During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel managed to triple its territory, while creating the illusion of acting in legitimate defense. The lie could not deceive American Intelligence agencies, but Johnson had given a green light to Israel’s attack, and even authorized James Angleton of the CIA to give Israel the precise positions of the Egyptian air bases, which enabled Israel to destroy them in just a few hours.

這個謊言騙不了美國情報機構,但約翰遜為以色列的襲擊開了綠燈,甚至授權中央情報局的詹姆斯 · 安格爾頓向以色列提供埃及空軍基地的確切位置,這使以色列能夠在幾個小時內摧毀它們。

Four days after the start of the Israeli attack, Nasser accepted the ceasefire request from the UN Security Council. It was too soon for Israel, which had not yet achieved all its territorial obxtives. On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a NSA spy ship stationed in international waters off Sinai, was bombed, strafed and torpedoed during 75 minutes by Israeli Mirage jets and three torpedo boats, with the obvious intention of sinking it without leaving any survivors. (Even the rescue channels were machine-gunned.) Meanwhile, Johnson, from the White House, intervened personally to prohibit the nearby Sixth Fleet from rescuing the USS Liberty after the crew, despite the initial destruction of its transmitters, had managed to send off an SOS.

以色列還沒有實現其所有的領土目標,這對以色列來說為時尚早,1967年6月8日,駐扎在西奈半島附近國際水域的美國國家安全局間諜船“自由號”在75分鐘內遭到以色列幻影戰斗機和三艘魚雷艇的轟炸、掃射和魚雷襲擊,顯然是為了讓它沉沒而不留下任何幸存者。 ( 甚至連救援通道都被機槍掃射)

The attack would have been blamed on Egypt if it had succeeded, that is, if the ship had sunk and its crew had all died. The operation would then have given Johnson a pretext for interveening on the side of Israel against Egypt.


But it failed. The USS Liberty affair was suppressed by a commission of inquiry headed by Admiral John Sidney McCain II, Commander-in-Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe (and Father of Arizona Senator John McCain III). Johnson accepted Israel’s spurious “targeting error” explanation. In January 1968 he invited the Israeli Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol, to Washington, and warmly welcomed him to his Texas ranch. What’s more, Johnson rewarded Israel by lifting the embargo on offensive military equipment: US-made tanks and aircraft immediately flowed to Tel Aviv.
This failed false flag attack is evidence of the secret complicity of Johnson and Israel, implying high treason on the part of Johnson.

約翰遜接受了以色列虛假的“ 判斷錯誤”的解釋。
1968年1月,他邀請以色列總理列維 · 埃什科爾訪問華盛頓,并熱烈歡迎他來到他在德克薩斯的牧場。

Let’s now conclude our overview of the evidence: beside the fact that John and Robert were brothers, their assassinations have at least two things in common: Lyndon Johnson and Israel.

除了約翰(肯尼迪)和羅伯特(肯尼迪)是兄弟這一事實,他們的暗殺至少有兩個共同點: 林登 · 約翰遜和以色列。

First, their deaths are precisely frxd by Johnson’s presidency, which was also the context for other political assassinations, such as Martin-Luther King’s. Johnson was in control of the State during the two investigations on John and Robert’s murders.


What should have been obvious from the start now appears brightly clear: in order to solve the mystery of the assassination of John Kennedy, one has simply to look into the two other assassinations which are connected to it: the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man whose trial could have exposed the hoax and possibly put the plotters into the light, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the man who would have reopened the case if he had lived. And both these assassinations bear the signature of Israel.

李·哈維·奧斯瓦爾德被暗殺事件,這個人的審判本可以揭露這個惡作劇并可能揭露陰謀者,以及羅伯特 · 肯尼迪被暗殺事件,如果他還活著,這個事件就會被重新調查,這兩起暗殺事件都有以色列的痕跡。

At his death in 1968, Robert Kennedy left eleven orphans, not counting John’s two children, whom he had somewhat adopted. John’s son, John F. Kennedy Jr., aka John John, who had turned three the day of his father’s funeral, embodied the Kennedy myth in the heart of all Americans. The route seemed traced for him to become president one day. He died on July 16, 1999, with his pregnant wife and his sister-in-law, when his private plane suddenly and mysteriously nose-dived into the ocean a few seconds after he had announced his landing on the Kennedy property in Massachusetts.

約翰 · 肯尼迪的兒子,小約翰 · 肯尼迪,在他父親葬禮的那天剛滿3歲,他在所有美國人的心中代表了肯尼迪傳奇的延續,這條線似乎可能幫助他有朝一日成為總統。

John John had long been portrayed as a superficial, spoiled and harmless young man. But that image was as misleading as young Halmet’s in Shakespeare’s play. John had serious interest in mind, and, at age 39, he was just entering politics. In 1995 he founded George magazine, which seemed harmless until it began to take an interest in political assassinations. In March 1997, George published a 13-page article by the mother of Yigal Amir, the convicted assassin of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The article was supporting the thesis of a conspiracy by the Israeli far-right. So JFK Jr. was eliminated while following in the footsteps of his father, entering politics through the door of journalism and taking an interest in the crimes of the Israeli deep state. Canadian-Israeli journalist Barry Chamish believes John Kennedy Jr. was assassinated precisely for that.[56]

小約翰 · 肯尼迪長期以來一直被描繪成一個膚淺的、被寵壞的、無害的年輕人。
1997年3月,《喬治》發表了一篇13頁的文章,作者是殺害以色列總理伊扎克 · 拉賓的殺手伊加勒 · 埃米爾的母親,這篇文章支持以色列極右勢力的陰謀論。
小約翰 · 肯尼迪在追隨父親的腳步,通過新聞業進入政界,對以色列“暗深勢力集團”的罪行感興趣時被清除掉了,加拿大裔以色列記者巴里·查米什認為,小約翰·肯尼迪被暗殺正是為了這個原因。[56]

The nonsensical notion of a mysterious curse on the Kennedy family is an obvious smoke screen. The unsolved murders of JFK and his two legitimate heirs—his younger brother and his only son—require a more rational explanation. The sense that the official stories about their deaths amount to a huge cover-up is obsessing the American psyche, a bit like a repressed family secret affecting the whole personality from a subconscious level.


President John Kennedy and his brother are heroic, almost Christ-like figures, in the heart of a growing community of citizens who have become aware of the disastrous longtime effect of their assassinations. Only when the American public at large come to grips with the truth of their deaths and honor their legacy and sacrifice will America have a chance to be redeemed and be great again.


Laurent Guyénot is the author of From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land … Clash of Civilizations, 2018.

本文作者 Laurent Guyénot 是《從耶和華到錫安:嫉妒的上帝,上帝選民,應許之地,文明的沖突》(2018年)一書的作者。